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Architectural & Open Concept Kitchen


“Elegant casual steakhouse “– with reflecting image of semiprivate and al fresco with combination of tables. Creamy colors with wooden symbols, rustic style lamps and furniture symbolizing a cozy atmosphere, open space with wine cellars and wine displays, wooden cabinets & service stations, focusing on ONE theme.

Walls – painting creamy yellow colors & combine brick & wooden symbols and elegant lighting. Featuring an authentic Local and Brazilian antiques such as Native Brazilian Decorations. Equipped with a state-of-the-art sound and entertainment system.


Standard visible Churrasco Grill is situated near entrance to area, so kitchen is semi-open kitchen and create warm welcoming atmosphere of outlet.

Signature rotisserie Churrasco grill is custom-made grill that consists of three levels of grilling rotating skewers holders – total 30 grilling skewer can rotate at the same time and hold grilling products. Chef is controlling personally temperatures of charcoal and moving skewers around for perfect grilling and serving.