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The First Course - Gourmet Salad Bar

As you immersed into the cheerful atmosphere, you will be invited to tour the first course. The extensive banquet-style buffet, featuring almost every sort of vegetables you can imagine teeming with casseroles, therefore vegetarians will find ample nourishment and will not be disappointed.

Exotic salads such as salpicão (a unique Brazilian chicken salad), and many other rotating international and gourmet Brazilian choices and a! Japanese corner featuring sushi and sensational rolls, we serve our traditional Feijoada, Brazilian's long-simmering signature dish: black beans mixed with savory cuts of pork and herbs.

The Steps To Ridizio Experience

  1. Sit, relax, and enjoy a drink, such as a Caipirinha (The national drink of Brazil), or one of our many grapes, including a full bar.
  2. Visit the exquisite Salad Bar, offering over 40 items, including fresh cut vegetables, imported cheeses, cured meats and Brazilian side dishes.
  3. Turn your medallion green side up, immediately summoning our gaúchos or Passadores to begin your ‘tour de carne’ (table-side meat service).
  4. Choose from a multitude of delectable fire roasted meats that are brought to your table, sliced, and served by our Passadores.
  5. When taking a break, or are full, simply flip the disc to red. If ready for more, go back to green at any time.
  6. Be sure to leave room and end your meal with one of
  7. our specialty Brazilian style desserts, made in house daily.

The Second Course - Equisite Meats

The action will begin upon returning to the table where you will find a green medallion at each seating, they will all be turned on the green side, giving you time to enjoy the first course.

As the salad quickly vanishes, the main course, the highlight of the meal, will start when you flip your coaster-sized chip “Medallion” from the red side to the green side, signaling to the (Passador) meat cutter that you're ready to be served.

Until you flash STOP waiters best ways to start a conclusion in abundant succession arrive with an eye-popping feast of skewers of succulent cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken fresh off the grill, roasted to perfection, and carved to your desire.

The Third Course - Delectable Deserts

And to end your Brazilian dining experience in style, try one of our many irresistible desserts. We have a selection of classic tropical and contemporary dessert selection to complete your meal.